• It’s Excel, most accountants are well adjusted to using this program.
  • Very easy to make changes as needed by the report user.


  • The only security is what you assign to the file, no tree level security only to open the file.
  • The User! People make mistakes, accidentally hitting a few keys or numbers before printing or saving or deleting the file.


With both programs being Microsoft owned the exporting maintains the fonts and formats better than FRx did.

Excel– MR Viewer

The first thing you may want to check before you export to excel is to review the Microsoft Excel options on the Output and Distribution tab in the Report Definition.

Boyer MR Excel Export 1

After you have generated the report and added any comments to your report you can now export the report. With the report open, click the excel icon or go to the menu and select File/Export/Microsoft Excel. This will open options for exporting to Excel.

Boyer MR Excel Export 2

Export data to

This is the location where you want to save the Excel file.

Export Range

  • Current View – Exports the current view
  • Current Page – Exports the current page
  • Current Reporting Unit – Prints the current reporting unit that is displayed. This opens the Report Type selection.
  • Selected Reporting Units – Exports the all reporting units selected from the screen after you select OK or Preview. This opens the Report Type selection.
  • All Reporting Units – Exports the all reporting units for the report. This opens the Report Type selection.

Report Type

  • Financial Report – The financial report as first shown in the viewer.
  • Account Details – The report of each account that makes up a row on the Financial Report.
  • Transaction Details – The report of the transaction for each account on the Account Detail Report.
  • Exception Report – Reports either missing or duplicated dimensions based on the beginning and ending range of dimensions in the same definition.


You have the option to include the comments that were added to the report on the export.

Microsoft Excel options

These work with the options that were defined in the Output and distribution tabs of the Report definition.

Excel– Web Viewer

At the bottom of the browser window is a Download button. Click this button and select a location to save the export. You do not have the ability to select any export options like the export from the MR Viewer.

Boyer MR Excel Export 3


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