Dynamics SL Top Tips 9 & 10: Toolset Makes Customizing Easy

Dynamics SL has tools built into the software to help the end user customize the product to the needs of their particular industry. Here’s how you can leverage those tools:

Tip 9: Use sensible customizations to tailor Dynamics SL to your business process.

Many software packages require source code modifications to change the look or behavior of standard windows/screens. Within Dynamics SL, all screen customizations are stored within the system database so can be readily migrated to new product releases as they become available.

For example, the ability to quickly hide unused fields is something that clients use frequently to streamline data entry processes. This is one of the easiest, most upgradeable customizations that can be done.

Tip 10: Leverage the SL toolset to create software add-ons for your needs.

The Dynamics SL Software Development Kit (SDK) allows for rapid screen creation to fill functional gaps within the software. By leveraging the Dynamics SL toolset, users can create screens to track custom business information that the base product does not contain.

Investing in small add-ons can frequently improve the overall capabilities of Dynamics SL, particularly fitting SL to the specific needs of a particular business type or industry. This same toolset can be licensed by end-user organizations too. Some of our larger clients have been able to leverage this same toolset to develop their own operational software. The programs they create are seamlessly integrated with Dynamics SL.