65 local nonprofits worthy of your giving

Make every dollar count with your donation

“Peace on earth, goodwill to men …”

There’s something about this season that brings out the goodwill and generosity in people. If you’re still looking for a place to give for Giving Tuesday or throughout the season, we know dozens of worthy candidates.

Boyer & Associates supports accounting software for more than 65 nonprofits in the Twin Cities, and we can testify to their excellent services and commitment to managing their funds wisely. Thanks to their use of Microsoft’s premier accounting products, these organizations know how to make every dollar count.

Check out this list of 65 top-notch nonprofit organizations that could further their mission with your generous donation:

A Better Future for Today’s Youth

Some children have physical issues that put a damper on their ability to live a “normal” childhood. Others need a little extra help to rise above economic, emotional or mental challenges. Thanks to these organizations, the future looks a little brighter for many of the youth in the Twin Cities:

Fostering a Beautiful Mind

We’ve made progress in how culture views those with mental illnesses, but there’s still a long way to go. Put your money into furthering the mission of these organizations that provide mental health services to those with intellectual challenges while working to maintain the dignity and uniqueness of each client:

Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

Whether due to a natural disaster, some poor decisions or just a string of bad luck, someone you know may be struggling to make ends meet. These nonprofits bring a little dignity back into the lives of those who can’t afford to take care of their families:

Remembering a Legacy

Most of us have fond memories of a grandparent or parent who taught us what’s truly important in life. Honor those loved ones with a donation to an assisted living or other senior residence home that’s dedicated to providing the best high-quality life for those who can no longer live on their own safely:

Putting the “Able” Back in Disabled

Given the right opportunities, those society has labeled as disabled are able to do way more than we give them credit. Want to feel good about your donation? Check out the testimonials and see for yourself how these excellent organizations can empower their clients to reach for the stars:

You Just Got Cultured

Do you have a love for the arts? Want to share that joy with others and promote the arts culture in the community? Consider contributing to one of the many arts organizations in the Twin Cities:

Associating Common Goals

Just about every industry has associations dedicated to connecting and supporting the workforce in that arena. Choose the association that benefits the group dearest to you:

Choose Your Church

If they’re living by the Good Book as they say, churches are likely doing outreach in the community. Here are just a few we know to be great ambassadors in their local neighborhoods:

For Good Measure

Not to be forgotten, here are just a few more of our nonprofit clients whose niche services make our world a little better:

Thank you to our clients for trusting us to help you further your mission!