Boyer hires new ERP consultant

Minneapolis ERP reseller continues to grow

Boyer & Associates continues to grow its Dynamics ERP consulting team with the addition of Mary Bricco. The Wisconsin native has 18 years of experience as a NAV developer.

Bricco headshotBricco comes highly recommended by another Boyer employee, Janet Gallia, who worked with her for 7 years until moving to Boyer. Bricco said Gallia spoke very highly of her new job and it took little convincing for Bricco to apply.

“She really did catch my attention right away. She just loves it here (at Boyer),” said Bricco, who is glad to be part of a smaller, closer-knit team and working with Gallia again.

“I’m looking forward to working with a small team of people and there’s so much new stuff to learn right now,” Bricco said.

She’s especially excited to meet her new clients and noted that interaction with clients has always been her favorite part of consulting.

“I like learning about clients and what they do and what their business is, and my experience is they’re always eager to tell you,” she said.

She’s had the opportunity to consult for some unique businesses. Working with a company that sold to wineries in Napa Valley at one point, she was astonished to discover bottles of wine that cost thousands of dollars or were as old as the Seventeenth Century.

She was also intrigued to see how a company that employed only visually impaired workers adapted the workplace to fit the employees’ needs and how quickly a food bank distributed large donations of food to area food shelves.

Bricco started working as a developer around 2000, while raising her three daughters. Her first position in the industry was as a receptionist at ABC Computers. Her boss knew she had gone to school to learn development so handed her a book one day to see how much she could figure out on her own. She has been working on software development ever since.

Bricco lives in New London, Wis. with her two cats and 5 chickens. Her daughters Tonya, Angie and Wendy are all grown. Tonya is a NAV developer like her mom and Angie recently married, giving Bricco a son-in-law.

Bricco spends most of her spare time outside, riding her bike, hiking, camping and in the winter, snowshoeing. She’s particularly fond of Potawatomi State Park in Wisconsin. She is a Green Bay Packers fan and twice won raffle tickets for seats in the second row just behind the Packer bench.

For now, Bricco is getting settled into her new job and learning more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the company’s cloud ERP.

“Microsoft obviously has decided cloud is the way to go so that’s what’s going to happen and we need to embrace it,” she said. She expects to work both with on-premise and cloud ERP solutions.