Boyer welcomes new Dynamics GP consultant

Boyer & Associates is pleased to welcome Danny Clemenson to our team as a Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant. Clemenson has worked with Dynamics GP for nearly 30 years and has his most extensive experience within the non-finance modules such as SOP and inventory.

While this is his first job as a consultant, Clemenson has been working with Dynamics GP software since 1991 and spent seven years educating GP users as part of the GPUG community.

“I really enjoy sharing the knowledge,” he said. In fact, the GPUG Chicago Chapter he led won 2019 Chapter of the Year.

“I do enjoy teaching. I enjoy seeing that light bulb go off in people, that ‘aha’ moment and trying to make people see things differently,” Clemenson said. He’s occasionally been known to stand on a desk to help others see a different perspective and is looking forward to working with Boyer’s clients to help them find new ways to tackle old problems.

Clemenson got his start in the industry by working for his father, Lyle Clemenson, at Minnesota-based Clemenson Enterprises Inc. (CEI). Referring to R&D as “rob and duplicate,” Danny Clemenson noted that companies often get ideas from looking at other industries. His father, for example, modified what he saw elsewhere to create a stump cutter tooth that lasted three times longer than the standard stump cutter tooth and changed the entire stump cutting industry in the late 1980s.

“My father always said to me, ‘You can do anything you want,’” Clemenson said.

He has his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys tackling projects that have never been done before. At CEI, he was responsible for developing a UPS Manifest system that integrated with Dynamics GP on Macintosh computers, a printer driver that converted Macintosh ImageWriter to DOS for GP users and a predictive dialing server for the company.

After working for his father for four years, Clemenson moved to McHenry, Illinois to work for Progressive Components. The company creates and distributes a wide range of components.

As a business analyst there for 21 years, Clemenson says he did “a little bit of everything. I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none.”

Among other projects, Clemenson was instrumental in helping Progressive Components move to Microsoft Azure and get rid of their on-premise hardware. He also helped to maintain the company’s Dynamics GP software and integrations to 13 third-party solutions.

Clemenson earned his bachelor’s degree in communications and industrial technologies from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. He met his wife of 34 years, Mary, at a 1984 Arrowsmith concert in Minnesota. The couple has three grown sons and are moving from Illinois to Santa Fe, New Mexico in late January.

Outside of work Clemenson likes home remodeling, bicycling, skiing and hiking. He and his wife recently completed a hike up Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. He’s also a fan of yoga and after 14 years of practicing the art can now fold himself into a pretzel.

To contact Clemenson, email or call 763-412-4323.