Boyer Product Enhances SL Budget Import Process

When our clients have a problem that needs solving, our Dynamics consultants go out of their way to get the job done — even if that means creating an entirely new product.

That’s how Budget Import Utility © for Dynamics SL was born back in 1999. This product was written as an enhancement to Dynamics SL accounting software.

The product is designed to allow the user to import a budget from a selected file in Microsoft Dynamics SL. The structure of that file is defined by the user in the setup program, allowing a great deal of flexibility.

The Budget Import Utility © program allows the user to specify the following:

  • fiscal year
  • company (selected from the list of available companies)
  • ledger (selected from the list of non-actual ledgers)
  • source file
  • file type

Using the selected criteria, the program imports a list of accounts, sub-accounts and period budget amounts from the source file and uses that information to create Dynamics SL budget entries (or to modify existing ones). The information from each line of the source is interpreted based on information contained in the Set Up screen.

The Set Up screen (image below) is designed to allow the user to control the structure of the file imported by the Budget Import screen.

Dynamics SL Budget Import Utility setup screen

This product was developed using Dynamics SL’s VB Tools so use of the product will use database sessions.

Any clients of Dynamics SL may purchase Budget Import Utility © for $500. The product is licensed on a per-site basis with no limits imposed on concurrent users. There is no annual maintenance for the product — just the one-time fee.

Boyer & Associates will provide technical support on the product within 24 hours of receiving the email request. Suggestions for product enhancements will be gladly accepted and considered.

For more information on Budget Import Utility © or to request a demonstration or installation, call 763-412-4307.