Can’t Connect to Management Reporter?

Try These Fixes for Common Connection Issues

Management Reporter connection issues can arise for many reasons. Below are two of the most common issues and some possible resolutions to those issues:

Users get the following error when trying to log into Management Reporter:

“Unable to connect to the ‘company name’ company. You don’t have access to this company.”

Resolution/Things to Check:

1. Make sure the user is set up to have access to the company in Management Reporter AND in Dynamics GP. They need access in both. Here’s how to do that:

  • For Management Reporter, go to GO >> Security. Then find the User and double click on their name. Click on the “Company Tab” and make sure the company database they are trying to log into is marked.
  • In Dynamics GP, navigate to Tools >> Setup >> System >> User Access. Select the user and make sure the company they are trying to log into is marked for access.

2. Make sure that the user’s computer (or virtual desktop) time matches the server time. Management Reporter will not connect if the time between the server and client is off.

When starting Management Reporter, users get one of the following three errors:

  1. “Can’t connect to the Management Reporter server.”
  2. “Can’t connect to the Management Reporter server. Do you want to specify a different server address?”
  3. “A connection to the server could not be established. Check the server address and try again or contact your system administrator.”

Resolution/Things to check:

  1. There is a “Test Connection” button. If you click that button it can give you more information on the error.
  2. Make sure the server name and path in the connection address is correct by going to Tools >> Connection.
  3. Make sure the port 4712 is set up as an exception in your Firewall program.
  4. On the server where the Configuration Console is installed make sure that both the “Management Reporter Application” and “Management Reporter Process” services are running. NOTE: When you initially set up the integration in the Configuration Console, you set up a domain user that is used to run both these services. If that domain user’s password has expired, these services will also stop working.
  5. Again, check the client and server time and make sure the client is in sync with the server.
  6. If you have access to log in as an administrator onto the server, open the Configuration Console and at the lower left corner you will see Service Logs. You can review those logs for errors as well. NOTE: You might need to click the “refresh” button to get current logs.
  7. You can also view the errors in Event Viewer. In Windows search type “Event Viewer” and then select it to run. In Event Viewer expand Windows Logs folder and then click on “Application.” Look for Management Reporter in the Source column to find errors. This may need to be done on the server if users connect to the server to run Management Reporter because the errors would then be generated from the server and not their client machines.

The above are the more common issues I have seen with connecting to Management Reporter. Microsoft has also created an article on connection issues that is very helpful.

With Management Reporter, successful connection usually just requires that users are set up with access to the company in Management Reporter and in Dynamics GP and that both Management Reporter processes are running on the server.

Remember that when there is an error connecting, you can click the “Test Connection” button and/or look in the Event Viewer to get more information. Your GP partner can assist with this troubleshooting process as well.

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