Dynamics Offers Nonprofits Power of Choice

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Most people who are searching for nonprofit accounting software want to see a few solutions, get strong references and if possible buy the solution that someone they trust is already using and liking. Boyer & Associates has three strong Microsoft ERP solutions that hundreds of nonprofits throughout the Twin Cities use. Which one would work [...]

The Timecard Dilemma with Dynamics SL

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Those of you that use Dynamics SL for Professional Services work tend to love Dynamics SL’s project series. There are very few bothersome areas since the modules cover in good depth some of the most important things to you-Utilization? There’s a module for it. Flexible Billings, there’s a module called “Flexible Billings”. Time and Expense [...]

An Interview with Microsoft Executive Pat Fitzhenry, Director Global ISV Recruitment and Enablement

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Pat Fitzhenry has been a friend of mine since the late 1980’s. Pat has always had a special place in the hearts of the many of us that have loved, sold, and supported Dynamics SL. Pat was the one that wrote the PC Magazine review in 1985 that “put Solomon Software (Dynamics SL now) on [...]

Be Thankful Dynamics GP Users

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving 2011 here in Minneapolis, MN, USA. More than 97% or our 250 or so Dynamics clients have renewed their plans. We have roughly the same number of Dynamics SL clients as Dynamics GP clients so, as you would guess, most clients renew their plans on both sides.  ERP/Accounting Software has a reputation [...]