Cloud ERP team gains another consultant

Boyer & Associates’ consulting team for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central continues to grow. We are pleased to announce the addition of Sue Laux-Maede as our newest senior consultant for the cloud ERP solution.

Laux-Maede has worked as an ERP consultant for most of her career. She earned her accounting degree from Illinois State University but quickly switched to consulting after working on an early implementation of Solomon (now Dynamics SL) software for her employer at the time, Feldkamp Malloy.

“I really gravitated more toward the implementation and consulting side,” she said. “I definitely did not like being an accountant. I’m very much a people person. I’d rather be out interacting with people.”

As a consultant, she enjoys getting to know a diverse set of people and working within a wide range of industries on projects that are always unique and challenging.

“You don’t do the same thing all the time so you learn a lot about businesses and how they function, and the reward is that you can really help improve someone’s business,” she said.

Granted, people aren’t always happy with the idea of changing the way they do business, but her empathetic ear helps them get through the difficult process to that reward at the end. Sometimes just earning their trust feels like a bigger success than the completed implementation project, she said.

Laux-Maede is well-versed in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP family of solutions, as well as Sage Mas 90 and QuickBooks. When Microsoft released its cloud solution based on Dynamics NAV, she fell in love.

“I love Business Central. It makes me very excited. I like the cloud stuff,” she said. She likes being able to offer clients a cloud-based solution that removes the headache of on-premise servers and is cost effective. She said companies can get started on the new solution much faster, and “It just makes sense.”

Laux-Maede was born and raised in Chicago and spent most of her career at RSM US, part of an international firm with headquarters in Chicago. After 28 years there, she was ready for a change.

She liked the idea of a smaller firm and was impressed with Boyer & Associates’ growing Business Central practice as well as its continued support for on-premise solutions.

“I’m using my skill sets that I already have but just in a different environment,” she said.

Laux-Maede works from her home in Santa Clarita, Calif. The Chicago native moved to the Los Angeles suburb with her husband, Ron Maede, five years ago so that he could pursue his dream of becoming a screen writer. They have three boys, two of whom live with them, and three grandchildren.

When she’s not working, Laux-Maede enjoys doing the New York Times crossword puzzle, playing poker — She used to play in online Texas Hold‘em tournaments — and going on walks.