How Microsoft Dynamics SL Stacks Up

With over 60 of the Twin Cities’ best-known nonprofit organizations as our clients across three middle-market ERP products, we believe Boyer & Associates has earned the right to present ourselves as experts to those in the nonprofit community who are searching for accounting software. Come to our Nonprofit Accounting Software Comparison Event on March 24 to see which product will work best for your organization. Existing users are welcome to attend as well. The event is free, but you must register.

This is part two of a three-part series comparing the three Microsoft Dynamics products as a preview to our Nonprofit Accounting Software Comparison event coming up March 24.

Many of the area’s best-known nonprofits selected Dynamics SL for its ability to do several things uniquely. Since nonprofits frequently need not only to produce a Profit and Loss Report by fund or program but also a balance sheet by fund or program, having a built-in multi-company capability is extremely useful. A strong multi-company capability creates “due to” and “due from” transactions automatically so that one checking account and one set of checks can easily handle disbursements on behalf of multiple entities without the need for confusing and time-consuming month end inter-fund or inter-program journal entries.

The screen below shows how Dynamics SL automatically makes all “due to” and “due from” entries by simply completing this setup screen once.

SL dueto-duefrom

“due to” and “due from” setup screen in SL

If setting up computer software is not your forte, this screen may appear daunting to configure. However, working with a Boyer consultant makes this work extremely simple, so simple that it can be done in half a day. Plus, it will save hundreds of hours over the life of the software as you never have to worry about getting the inter-fund or inter-program journal entry correct again.

This is just one example of how Microsoft Dynamics SL works well for not-for-profit organizations. At our March 24 event, we will show (among other things) how Dynamics SL was designed to allow project (could be a tradeshow or newsletter) and task prompts appear in General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable so that all transactions for revenue, labor time, inventory, etc. are captured and reported with the project and its tasks. A “project” can be tracked as a family for which social services are being performed as well. Tasks can be a clothing budget, a food budget, a housing budget, etc.

To learn more about how this feature works, register for our March 24 event today. Even if you are already using one of these stable and highly functional Microsoft ERP products, you will learn something useful to improve the way your organization uses these tools.