Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL are wonderful accounting products and lend themselves to strong reporting and integration.  Many clients moving up to “real” system from something smaller without integration capabilities, sophisticated reporting, or a real audit trail, find that they did not reconcile their sub-modules to their ledger.  Their sub modules probably did not allow them to post straight to cash from a journal entry or commit other accounting crimes from a reconciliation standpoint.

Seriously, tomorrow at Microsoft we are offering a year end event for our Dynamics clients.  We expect over 100 people to attend.  For Dynamics SL, there is a bit less to remember and do to close out the year.  There are at times, however where people post transactions to the wrong period and need to learn how to clean that up from both a period and sometimes year end standpoint.  This free class does that.

We are excited to this event at Microsoft’s new offices in Edina, MN.  The ones in Bloomington, MN were nice but these offices have a wow factor.

There is still some room to sign up if you have not yet.  Please register at this link if you are interested.  http://portal.boyerassoc.com/event-calendar  It does not matter if you use Dynamics SL or Dynamics GP.  The events are in adjacent rooms.

We hope to see you and help make your life easier with closing out your periods and especially year end.  We will have a special time at the end for payroll users as well.