Clients are finally starting to upgrade to Dynamics SL 2011.  We thought that after giving strong presentations to 57 people at our Dynamics SL 2011 launch event in April of this year, we would be overwhelmed with upgrade work by early summer.

I suppose our clients have listened to us over the years about not wanting to go first with a new version.  This version has been tested well however unlike some versions we have seen years ago. 

Our SL team used to be frustrated that the GP users hardly had any issues but the SL users would have great issues with early version.  Microsoft has improved the SL testing and with SL 2011 really delivered on both features and stability.

We did the upgrade immediately when it was released and everything went smoothly-we love the ability the user has to simplify their own menues with a single click in one grouping and we especially love Quick Query.

The few clients that have upgraded already are running into very few issues.  Now there is a long list of clients eager to perform upgrades since the word is out that it is stable.  Most clients are thiniking now that they have already paid for the software with their maintenance plans-and that they should get the full benefit and do the upgrade.

The other reason our SL consultants were a bit jealous of our GP consultants is that GP has had a wonderful tool for a long time called “Smartlists”.  Smartlist-type capability was just added to Dynamics NAV and Dynamics SL in the form of a tool called “Quick Query” which is built into the System Manager rather than an extra purchase.

Smartlists, Quick Query and whatever NAV calls their new tool gives users the ability to create ad hoc queries against the accounting SQL database.

With Smartlists however you need to buy another tool called Smartlist Builder to query databases outside of Dynamics GP.  With Quick Query, you don’t need to make this additional purchase.  I am not sure how NAV works relative to fetching data outside of your accounting database in one query.

With Dynamics SL,   Quick Query gives the end user over 100 out-of-the-box views.  The queries are organized by Series/Modules and allow you to filter, modify, and save the data to your needs.  The queries can be exported to Excel with the push of the button should you need to analyze the data at a deeper level.  Another great feature is the ability to drill back to source transactions directly from the Quick Query Viewer.
We are finding that many users of Quick Query are not experts at databases, SL tables or fields-yet they can build their own accurate and useful queries or exports. 

Recently, a client tried to research a payment from a vendor.  She knew the date and the amount.  What she didn’t know was who the vendor was.  In prior versions of the software, this would have been difficult. 
With Quick Query in Dynamics SL 2011, she ran the ap transaction line query to display all of their ap voucher lines broken down by ap voucher.  Within a few minutes she had the information.  

For those of you IT Professionals that are thinking “this is a simple reporting tool, nice to get users more self-sufficient, but not helpful for my more challenging requests.”-au contraire.   Look at the screen below and see how you can include your own SQL Views.  So not only do you get over 100 existing views-you can modify them and add your own using your custom views.


You need to upgrade to Dynamics SL 2011 to get access to this powerful yet easy-to-use tool.  Please call us for an estimate for your upgrade if you are interested.  Dynamics SL may require some infrastructure upgrades to your environment so make sure you know what those are before scheduling or agreeing to do an upgrade.

To download the datasheet for Quick Query