SL Tip Makes ‘Between’ Function Easier During Run Time for Reports

For those of you who use Dynamics SL at a fairly technical level, you are probably familiar with the terms ROI and PV. ROI stands for Report Operations Interpreter and is simply the screen you see immediately prior to running any Dynamics SL Crystal Report. The purpose of the screen is to filter or group the report the way you want it to show at run time.

It can be difficult to remember how to run all the different operators in the Dynamics SL ROI screen. Below is a tip in version 2015 that makes doing a “between” function easy.

On the Select tab of an ROI screen, choose your field. For this example, let’s say the field is Account. Then choose your Operator of Between and do a PV on the Value field. PV stands for Possible Values and is the same as hitting the F3 function key to display what your choices are from a list.

You will see this screen:

Dynamics SL tip — “between” function screen shot

If you don’t recall your GL accounts, you can also do a PV (F3 key) in the required fields above to display your account lists. Enter your range of accounts and click OK. The Value field will now be filled in correctly for the Between Operator to work.