Customer support is a major advantage of working with Boyer & Associates. Whether through email, on the phone, or on-site, everyone at Boyer & Associates is focused on customer success and the quick resolution of cases.

If you have a support issue that needs attention, we will work to make sure your problem is resolved quickly and that your expectations are met. To help accomplish this, we recommend you review the following tips to help speed up the process before you contact us:

1. Before reaching out to us, try rebooting the workstation. Errors are sometimes resolved by doing this so always try that first.

2. If issue persists, here are some ways to define the problem in detail to the support staff:

a. Provide error number

b. Screen shots

c. Steps to recreate issue

d. Any environment changes

3. Send defined problem to for Dynamics SL support and for Dynamics GP support.


Once the problem is defined, as a Microsoft Gold Partners in ERP, we do have two different ways to resolve the issue. Using our knowledge and Microsoft resources to help solve the issue, we will either document the resolution in email form so you can resolve or we can remotely log into your environment and work on the workstations/servers to resolve the problem. If we discover that the issue is a bug in the software, we will start a case with Microsoft Support and start the process of a hotfix to be written.

Our goal is to keep our clients happy and providing superior support for your Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL systems…  We have decades of experience and Microsoft resources to use. For further product knowledge, be sure to sign-up to receive our product newsletters and plan to attend one of our upcoming client events in May.


We offer ERP evaluation “Shoot-out” style events for those reviewing multiple Dynamics ERP products. The next ERP Shootout event is scheduled for this June.