When we compare our Dynamics GP product to
our Dynamics SL product, we find the following to be true.

1. Dynamics GP is easier to set up and get going quickly.

2. Dynamics SL is more fully featured.

SalesPad, a distribution add-on helps bridge the gap between ease of use and
being fully featured.  People entering sales orders in SalesPad have a much
easier time getting their orders in while at the same time having better
features than the Sales Order Processing (SOP) and Purchase Order Processing
(POP) modules offered by Dynamics GP.

In the Sales Order screen within SalesPad you can

  • see the whole ship to address and easily change that Ship To address.
  • rearrange fields yourself as a user so that the fields are in the order for
    you that is easiest to key (perhaps you need to do this while the customer is
    still on the phone).  Each user can save their own preferences if desired and
  • take advantage of the pricing that GP itself offers as well as additional
    pricing option only in SalesPad
  • play with gross margin dollars, percentages, profit on your sales order
    before agreeing to a price with a customer.  Once you are ready, you can copy
    your pricing into the sales order lines.
  • see easily the availability of your inventory not only at your location but
    at other warehouses as well
  • choose templated comments from GP that easily paste into your sales
  • see right away if an item is likely to backorder.
  • password protect important security items such as terms in the header of an
  • link easily to shipping software such as UPS Worldship
  • configure your own User Defined Fields.
  • review customer purchase history
  • With proper security privileges, a SalesPad user can quickly see gross
    margin by line item or for a total document. The SalesPad Profitability window
    allows users to explore the impact of price or cost changes on a line item or
    the total document. This can be done without ever changing the actual order
    until the user is ready to apply the changes.
  • Audit the sales document.  The Audit tab shows a complete record of actions
    taken on each quote, order, invoice, and return. These audit tab entries are
    conveniently date and timed stamped and the logged-in user is identified for
    each entry.
  • Predefine email templates.  Email templates can be easily selected when
    emailing any form from SalesPad. Individual sales documents are attached to
    emails as PDF files using SalesPad’s built-in PDF writer. An audit tab entry is
    created for each document emailed from within SalesPad.
  • Find Customers more quickly.  Starting with the highly configurable Customer
    Search, SalesPad makes it quick and easy to find everything you need to know
    about your customer in one place. Users can search for customers by company
    name, account number, contact name, phone number, state, sales representative,
    or by any User Defined Field.

To see a video demonstration of the items above, please click on this Salespad Video link.  There are many useful SalesPad video
links on YouTube.  You might find that Dynamics GP has tremendous financial and
integration modules but SalesPad adds the ability to make order capture, returns,
lookup, data collection and purchasing far easier.

I hope this helps you find an easier and faster way to enter your sales
orders into Dynamics GP.  Salespad offers free trials.