You already use Microsoft Dynamics software at your company, so why are you getting information about a Nonprofit Microsoft Accounting Software Comparison Seminar? Don’t these people know you already have their product? Why are they wasting your time?

The answer is simple. We believe current users will benefit from the event as well. Here are four reasons why:

1. You can ask the experts questions on the product.

Most of you are probably using Dynamics GP. Most of you are probably not taking advantage of very nice functionality within Dynamics GP, such as its functionality to handle encumbrances, grants, control accounts and financial reports that track restrictions. Why not come to the event and learn how Dynamics GP does these things? The event is free and is so popular that Microsoft just opened up another room to accommodate 30 more people.

If you happen to use Dynamics SL, you may not know the different ways that nonprofits use the project modules to track events, newsletters, grants, encumbrances, family’s budgets, etc. You may not be aware that Dynamics SL has tremendous built in multi-company functionality that allows you to have a distinct balance sheet for each fund or program even though you are only using one database and sharing vendors and customers across those entities.

You may also be a user of Dynamics SL or Dynamics GP whose company is outgrowing the size and functionality of these two programs. Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL have been tremendously successful in the nonprofit world, but they are horizontal programs serving many industries. You may be interested in seeing a product (Serenic Software — built in the Dynamics NAV toolset) that not only can do sophisticated nonprofit budgeting without an outside tool, but also can track grant restrictions and reports to donors in a much easier way.

2. Get creative ideas on how other products solve the same problems.

While it’s cliché to say there is more than one way to skin a cat, you would be surprised to see how many different ways clients approach very similar problems such as tracking grant restrictions (most still use spreadsheets), distributing and consolidating budgets, and encouraging donors to continue giving. For example, how do they prove they have been good stewards of the money and can show return on the investment-not just that the gift was spent how it was supposed to be spent?

3. Meet people who can help you resolve issues that cannot be solved overnight.

Attending a meeting like this is a way to connect with other nonprofit clients who are trying to solve similar challenges. Perhaps you can’t solve your problem at our short three-hour event, but by getting another attendee’s card or the card of one of our consultants, you might have a better long-term approach of not only poking the bear, but putting the bear to rest.

4. People change jobs and want to know what else is out there.

If you don’t plan on staying where you are for the rest of your career, or even if you do, doesn’t it make sense to learn what other software can do? For example, associations don’t typically have a big need for grant tracking since most of their revenues come from dues-paying members. Associations do, however, have complex needs for budgeting. Foundations typically give money away and don’t need to track their own restrictions, but they would like very much to know how to get these restrictions reported back to them. Broadening what you know about other slightly different nonprofits and other software can only make you more valuable in the future.

Now you have four reasons to attend this event even if you currently use Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL or Dynamics NAV. This event is not just for people shopping for a better solution. Learn more about the event and register.

Screen shot of SL voucher and adjustment entry

Dynamics SL has tremendous project accounting capabilities. Most data entry screens allow you to capture the project and task as reflected above.