FRx Training Class Agenda

Intro to Intermediate Two Day FRx Training Class

The goal of this class is to provide the student with a strong set of tools that they can design a report in virtually any format they want.  All they need is to have an imagination and have the data in the GL.

 1. Overview & Introduction
This is an overview of the philosophy used in the design of FRx.  What is FRx and the terminology used

2. Creating a Trial Balance
Basic design of Row Formats and Column Layouts.  Building block solutions

3. Creating an Income Statement
Working with TOT’s & CAL’s, special report masks, and adding custom fonts

4. Reporting Trees
How to create reporting trees, why they need to be used.  How the reporting trees relate Row Formats.  Think of it as similar to an Organization Chart

5. Transaction Detail
Design report that can be drilled down to lower levels of detail

6. Drill Down Viewer
Viewing & printing with DDV, exporting options for reports and sending reports

7. Specifications Sets
Why spec sets are important and how they can be used.  Importing and exporting between spec sets.

8. Balance Sheets
Create detailed, Comparative and Tabular Balance sheets.  Also how to create more meaningful balance sheets.

9. Income Statement Variations
Trended, over/under and favorable/unfavorable variances.

10. Relational Reporting
Show Rows in relation to other rows. (e.g. % of Sales, virtually unlimited)

11. Side By Side Reporting
Reports that show departments, divisions, etc. side by side on one report