Update: Kristen also received a 2020 Microsoft MVP award for her contributions in Business Applications. Congratulations, Kristen!

GPUG All-Star nominee joins consulting team

Kristen Hosman returns as a Business Central consultant

Boyer & Associates is pleased to announce that Minnesota native and Colorado resident Kristen Hosman has rejoined the Boyer team. Hosman has a background in accounting, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central. She returns to Boyer as an award-winning senior consultant.

“There is a reason people come back and there is a reason people don’t leave,” Hosman said about rejoining Boyer. “The good ones stay because they literally wake up and they love going to work every day.”

Hosman said Boyer & Associates founder Jack Boyer jumpstarted her consulting career in 2013. At the time she had spent eight years as an accountant at a casino that used Microsoft Dynamics GP. During an initial interview, Boyer told Hosman that he needed someone with more consulting experience for the open position but that he would contact her when he could find a more suitable position. True to his word, he called back one month later and hired her.

“In your career you always have a few people who believed in you and pushed you forward, and he always was one of those people for me because that’s what got me into consulting,” Hosman said.

She worked at Boyer for one year before leaving to work for a client that needed a new controller. “I love accounting,” Hosman said. “I have to do some sort of accounting or I don’t feel fulfilled.”

After four years back in the accounting world, she started to miss consulting. She worked for another Microsoft partner briefly and in 2019 decided to venture out on her own.

Even as Hosman started her own independent ERP consulting company, Mount Evans Consulting, the draw toward Boyer was undeniable. She collaborated with Boyer on several projects as an independent consultant and eventually took up the longstanding offer to return to the company as a full-time consultant.

“At the end of the day I love the culture at Boyer. We all help each other, we all learn from each other,” she said. “I always say everyone comes back to Boyer.”

That attitude of teamwork and continuous improvement was a big reason she returned. As a consultant, Hosman loves being able to work with accountants and help finance teams improve their processes. She’s passionate about teaching and learning from others.

That passion for teaching is part of why Hosman is so active in the Dynamic Community user groups. She served as a GPUG co-chapter leader for Colorado and has been on the planning committee for the annual Summit conference the last five years. She won a Granite award from the community in 2019 and has been nominated four times for a GPUG All-Star award.

This year she was nominated for an All-Star Award in both the GP and BC/NAV user groups. The winner will be announced at the virtual Summit conference in October.

Hosman’s transition from GP to Business Central has been gradual, but the more she works in the cloud-based solution, the more she likes it. At first, the differences between the two products frustrated her. After 15 years in the GP world she was accustomed to working a certain way in an ERP system and didn’t understand why the two solutions differed so much.

Now that she’s learned how to navigate Business Central, she loves it. She especially likes the fact that it is web-based and that it integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Power Platform.

“Business Central is very polished looking and fresh, and I think that’s what people love about it,” she added.

When she’s not working, Hosman enjoys being outdoors with her husband Adam and their two elementary-aged sons, Ryker and Odin.

Though Hosman was born and raised in Minnesota, she and her husband moved to seven acres of land in Colorado nearly four years ago and are enjoying life in the mountains. When they’re not working or splitting and stacking wood for their wood-burning stove, the family enjoys dirt biking, camping, snowboarding and Jeeping — an off-road experience she chronicles on Instagram.

“There’s nothing better than going off roading and literally summiting a mountain 13,000 feet up,” Hosman said. “I love the adventure aspect of it.”