How to reimburse an employee in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Janet Gallia

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central it is now easier to pay employees. The employee does not need to be set up as a vendor.

The first step is to set up an Employee Posting Group. Type “employee posting group” in the main search bar. Set up an Employee Posting Group as shown in the image below:

Next, create an Employee Card.  Type “employee” in the search bar. Click “New” and add the information on the Employee Card. On the Payments tab of the Employee Card, enter the related Employee Posting Group. Here is my example:

Now you can go to the General Journal and enter a transaction. The account type is Employee instead of Vendor.  The document type is blank. Post the journal entry as shown below:

From the Employee Card you can also navigate to the Employee Ledger Entries as shown below:

Please note that the entry does not show on the AP Aging.

To pay the employee you can simply type “pay employee” in the main search bar. From the Employee Ledger Entries you can choose Process, then Create Payment. Or you can go to the Payment Journal and choose Prepare, and then Suggest Employee Payments.  In my example, I chose the first option.  The following dialogue box appears.  The information below will populate and open the payment journal:

You can now print the check and post.