How to set up Dynamics ERP for remote users

Due to the precautions in place as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies throughout the U.S. are instructing their employees to work from home. Some companies are scrambling to accommodate these changes by purchasing laptops and installing the appropriate business applications for their newly remote employees.

In office environments that use Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV or SL, it is crucial to be deployed in a supported configuration. Here are some helpful tips:

  • If GP, SL or NAV is installed locally on the user’s computer, that computer must be directly connected to the company network via Ethernet (wireless connections are not recommended).
  • If the user is working remotely or is otherwise not able to connect directly to the network, they should:
    • Connect to a server via Remote Desktop or Citrix where Dynamics GP, NAV or SL is installed.
    • Connect via VPN to the local network and then connect to a server or workstation running Dynamics GP, NAV or SL via Remote Desktop.

Any other configuration — including running a local install of GP, NAV or SL with a VPN connection to a network — is not supported by Microsoft and can result in significant data corruption or loss.

If you need assistance ensuring stable and secure operation of Dynamics GP, NAV or SL in a remote environment, contact Boyer  & Associates support at the appropriate email address:

Dynamics GP Support:

Dynamics NAV Support:

Dynamics SL Support:

Additional Resources: Microsoft just released a helpful FAQ on working from home with Dynamics GP.