The process of managing multiple awards from multiple funding sources and across multiple fiscal years can become difficult and cumbersome. The goal is for us at our Nonprofit Microsoft Accounting Software Comparison Seminar on March 24 will be to show how easy it can be to replace spreadsheets with a fully automated award management process. Learn how to eliminate the stress over trying to reconcile disparate grant information. Our software is scalable to meet the needs of any organization, no matter how large or how many grants are being tracked.

Compare this screen’s capabilities to what your Excel spreadsheet can do with regards to managing multiple awards:

screen shot of an award card in Serenic Navigator

Here’s an example of an award card in Serenic Navigator.

No comparison, right? It is much easier to be prompted for restrictions, rates and indirect cost recovery modes than it is to track this manually in a worksheet. In Serenic Navigator, built with the Dynamics NAV toolset, you can drill down on the blue items on the right side of the screen to gain access to more detail about the award as well.

See for yourself when you attend our free educational event at the Microsoft Technology Center in Minneapolis, MN. There you will learn more about how Serenic Software compares to our other two products: Dynamics SL and Dynamics GP. Contact Carol Simonson at or 763-412-4315 for more information or with any questions.