The Journal Transactions screen in the General Ledger module got a great button added in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011.  The button, when pressed, allows you to Reverse, Reverse & Correct, or Copy a posted General Ledger batch.  Awesome, right?!  It’s something we have all been asking for in SL.

But wait!  If you are using the Project Series and are reversing journals with project postings, there is something you need to know. The project flips the sign for unit posting for expense account types when the reversal credits expense.  There are two options at this point: either flip the sign on the units before the entry is released to be positive or don’t use the Reverse function.  Instead of the Reverse function, copy and paste the journal into a new journal and make sure the units are positive when the amount is a credit.

This is a quick tip to allow users to have accurate project accounting in Dynamics SL 2011.

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