Microsoft Dynamics SL Roadmap

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011

Dynamics UI Enhancements
  • Activity panes, Search capability
Find, Report and Analyze information more easily
  • Quick Query displays SQL views
Manage Business documents
  • Attachment functionality that store files to ERP data and optionally storing them on a SharePoint site
Connectivity enhancements and integrating data
  • Project and distribution enhancements
  • Web services
Corporate Performance Management
  • Management Reporter support

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 FP1

The following is a list of features currently being considered for the FP1 release and are subject to change:
  • Business Analyzer functionality
  • Project Time Entry Web Service
  • Project Expense Entry Web Service
  • Attachments Web Service
  • Calculate and Store actual vs. provisional indirect costs
  • Hard Close by Module
  • Batch Control Reports by Module
  • Mask TIN/SSN on applicable reports
  • Add Quick Send information to applicable AR/AP/PR/Project reports
  • Apply Special Pricing by Group in Service Series
  • Add capability to maintain multiple invoice comments in BP Project Flex Time
  • Move to VBA 7.1