Gain Valuable Insight With Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is not your typical reporting tool. This powerful, built-in enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics helps you gain actionable insight into your data. Often referred to as a data visualization tool, Power BI lets you take the data you already have and see it in an easy-to-understand graphic.

Boyer & Associates understands that reporting is one of your company’s most pressing needs. Having the right information at your fingertips from across multiple sources within your organization provides the oversight you need to make the best decisions for your company’s future. We can help you identify and track KPIs through Power BI and present a clear picture to your stakeholders. In Power BI you can:

Financial Dashboard

  • See a complete picture of all your data sources in one place.
    • Compile data from all sources, including non-Microsoft products.
    • Choose from dozens of bar charts, pie charts, tree maps and other visual presentations.
    • Adjust filters to show data at the overall report level or at a page (sub-level) view.
    • Change the entire look of the report, right down to the colors used.
  • Tell a story of your company’s financial status using Power BI’s Timeline Storyteller feature.
    • Lay out data in circles, grids, lists and more.
    • Get insight into historical data, trends and projected growth.
  • Easily compare various what-if scenarios.
    • Add parameters and create calculated measurements.
    • Simply drag the slider bar to change the results.
    • Improve your company’s ability to accurately forecast and set goals based on a variety of possible scenarios.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics SL Project Dashboard

  • Answer common questions with data visualizations.
    • Simply type a question in the search bar.
    • Power BI will show you a variety of related visualizations as well as suggested terms to further refine your search.
  • Create custom views of data and custom dashboards for your executive team.
    • Download additional apps to add even more visualization options.
    • Use the Power KPI to give your executives a quick overview of the data most important to them. Visualizations can be published on mobile and tablet too.

Power BI reports are fully interactive, allowing you to add or adjust filters to change how the data appears. Keep in mind that Power BI is strictly a data visualization tool so refreshing does not affect the data, just changes the view.

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