NAV Tips & Tricks #1: Customizing Columns

How to Customize Columns in Dynamics NAV

Sometimes it can be frustrating to open a list of data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and see multiple columns of information that you don’t need — or worse, not see the columns you really do need!

Not everyone in your company needs to see all the same details on a given list. Thankfully, Dynamics NAV is super customizable and allows each user to determine how a list appears for them.

In a List view, you can:

  • Choose Columns and arrange them in ascending/descending order to best organize the information relevant to you.
  • Choose Header Height
  • Apply your customized settings from one list to all Lists. As the below screen shots illustrate, simply click on the arrow next to Choose Header Height and click on “Apply To All Lists.”

You can also add a Freeze Pane, which freezes some columns in place while allowing others to scroll horizontally. This lets you decide which key data stays fixed in the left static column so that it’s always visible (see below).

Under Choose Columns, click on the column after which you want to start a freeze pane and select Add Freeze Pane. Any columns above the Freeze Pane line will be fixed while any others below it will scroll. You can readjust the columns by clicking or dragging or Remove Freeze Panes as needed.

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