NAV Tips & Tricks #4: Customizing Pages

Customize Fast Tabs and Fact Boxes in Dynamics NAV

You can customize just about any view in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We’ve already discussed how to customize which columns you see in any given List. At the Page level, you can also customize the following features to hide or show fields as desired:

  • Fast Tabs
  • Fact Boxes
  • Ribbon

To customize the layout of a page, go to the Application menu, navigate to Customize and click on Customize This Page. Choose one of the features above that you want to customize.

Under Fast Tabs, you can add or remove Fast Tabs on a Page, add or remove fields for each Fast Tab and rearrange the order in which they appear. Let’s break down a couple additional customizations in this section:

  • Importance — This determines when the field is visible:
    • Standard: The field is visible when the Fast Tab is expanded.
    • Promoted: The field is visible when the Fast Tab is expanded. The field value is also visible when the Fast Tab is collapsed.
    • Additional: The field is normally hidden. Expand the Fast Tab and click the Show more fields button to make it visible.

  • Quick Entry — The Quick Entry feature allows you to quickly jump between essential data entry fields. Check this box for any fields that are typically filled in when entering a record.  Press the Enter key to skip between the Quick Entry  To access a skipped field, use the Tab or Shift-Tab keystrokes to cycle through every field on the Page.

For Fact Boxes, hover the cursor over the box until you see the Actions gear icon. Choose Actions, Customize and from there you can add or remove fields as desired.