NAV Tips & Tricks #5: Navigation Buttons

How to Add a Button to a Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane in Microsoft Dynamics NAV organizes Menu Items by functional area. All users have a Home Button with commonly used Menu Items and, optionally, one or more Activity Buttons with additional Menu Items.

Users can add Activity Buttons to the Navigation Pane to create shortcuts to their most often used actions.

To add an Activity Button, right click on the Navigation Pane and go to Customize Navigation Pane.

Select Create a New Button. In the pop up window, type in a name for your new button. In the example below, we are creating an “Archive” button. You can also choose an icon to represent the new button.

Click “OK.” Now when you go back to the list of buttons, you can select the item you just created. NOTE: You cannot change or remove the Home Button, but you can add or remove other buttons from the Navigation Pane, as shown below: