On the last Friday of April, hundreds of people gather outside to celebrate the importance of trees. National Arbor Day is just one of the many projects associated with the Arbor Day Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees.

The Nebraska-based organization boasts more than one million members nationwide and oversees the distribution and planting of nearly 11 million trees each year. Multiple programs exist to further its mission, including reforestation programs and the sale of greeting cards, coffee and t-shirts.


The Foundation has multiple funding sources and programs nationwide, including its headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska and a 260-acre Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City. With so many programs, keeping track of its $45 million budget was becoming more and more difficult with outdated software.

“We wanted to integrate with our other systems to build a full 360-degree view of our members, including their orders, their donations and their preferences, while also providing easy access to information for our staff in multiple locations,” said Arbor Day Foundation Accounting Director and Treasurer Gary Deemer.


The Foundation implemented the following components:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Customized Integrated Sales and Receivables

Having a software system that could be tailored to each individual program the Foundation uses was key. With so many diverse programs operating under one organization, no out-of-the-box system could fully support the nonprofit’s needs. The customizable platform of Serenic Navigator was exactly what the Foundation needed to bring its accounting systems current.


One major benefit from implementing Serenic Navigator was the ability to track a donation all the way to the forest. Previously, the Foundation’s nine-member accounting team had to manually sift through multiple excel spreadsheets to determine where a particular donation went.

“Now, with Serenic Navigator, we can look up each $5 card sale and tell the donor or recipient when their tree was planted and in which state or national forest,” said Deemer.

In addition, staff at any level can use the system to get the information they need. Before implementing Serenic Navigator, program managers would have to wait for a monthly report that by then was often outdated. Now, each of the Foundation’s 87 users can filter and search for data in real time, keeping better track of complex transactions and tracking orders at every stage much more quickly.

The Arbor Day Foundation has found the Serenic platform so beneficial that the organization has already made plans to implement the software in other areas, including to improve its shipping process.

Serenic is one of Boyer’s independent software vendor partners. The flexibility and scalability of this ERP software was designed specifically for nonprofit organizations.

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