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On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with your current ERP partner?

If you can’t answer 8 or above, you might want to consider switching partners. The resources you get from your ERP solution provider can make a BIG difference in how efficiently your accounting software runs.

Whether you are looking for a partner who can solve the difficult support issues or implement necessary customizations to keep up with your growing company, Boyer & Associates might be the solution for you. A gold-certified partner of Microsoft, Boyer has more than 20 years supporting Dynamics ERP software for nonprofits, distributors, manufacturers and project-based businesses.

Our skilled consultants have the dedication, experience and resources to tackle the most complex support problems. We can support your company’s software implementations, data integration creation, customization needs and report development.

Some partners are great at implementing software but offer no additional resources. Other partners do such a poor job with the initial implementation that never-ending repairs are a must. Not sure if your partner has what it takes?

Boyer & Associates + Dynamics GP = The perfect combination for American Baptist Homes of the Midwest.

American Baptist Homes of the Midwest (ABHM) offers independent care, assisted living services and full-time nursing care at seven major living communities, and residential services to people with disabilities in six counties throughout the Midwest.

Behind the scenes of that excellent care is an administrative team working hard to manage the logistics of each location. ABHM uses Microsoft’s Dynamics GP software to manage its financial operations. Read the entire case study.

8 Questions to Ask An Accounting Software Provider

Top 5 Signs You Might Need a New ERP Partner:

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We have been a customer of Boyer & Associates for over 14 years. Jack and his staff are all wonderful to work with – they are friendly, experienced, and fair. I’ve enjoyed working with their team on many successful projects over the years. It is great to work with a company that is committed to hiring and retaining the right team to support the vast needs of their client base.
Greg Thayer, Comm-Works, Vice President IT