• There are no files to distribute to the users.
  • Allows the users to select different versions of the report, such as the previous month.


  • The user is not always aware of when the reports have been updated for the month.
  • Requires MR to be installed on all of the user computers.


The ability to save versions of the report keeps the number of generated reports to a minimum.

Library – MR Viewer

All reports are generated to a library location within the MR Viewer. On the Output and Distribution tab in the Report Definition you can change the name of the report, what folder the report is generated to, and also generate to multiple folders in the MR Viewer. This option assumes that all of the end users have the MR viewer installed on their computer.

Boyer MR Report Library 1

In the MR Viewer you can set up multiple folders for where you want to save the reports. Each folder or report can be secured by clicking on the folder or report and then on the Permissions button. Click the Add button and add users and grant them access rights.

Boyer MR Report Library 2

Library – Web Viewer

This option will only work if the user has the MR Viewer install on their computer.
If the report user was able to open a report from a different method but wanted to see other reports for different periods they could use the download button and select the MR Report Viewer, this will open the report in the MR Viewer.

Boyer MR report Library 3


This tip, and many more, are covered in our Management Reporter training class held each month. If you are interested in more training, please visit our calendar to register for an event or contact us for more information.