Using SmartList Builder in Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartLists have always enabled users to organize and display data from the accounting system in a way that makes sense to them. Users can search records according to specific criteria to show exactly what data they need to see.

SmartList Builder in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 takes the popular, easy-to-use SmartList tool and increases its power and range. Now you can query more data in more ways. This SmartList Builder gives you access to all the information that you capture, enabling you to create your own custom SmartLists.

With SmartList Builder, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few examples:

  • You can combine multiple tables to go beyond basic SmartList data.
  • You can create calculated fields.
  • You can use more than four search criteria in restrictions.
  • You can summarize data, group, count and total.
  • You can create your own go-to window

SmartList Builder is now available as a third-party product through eOne. If you already own the product and simply need help setting up a list, request additional support from one of our skilled consultants.