Dynamics SL Top Tips 5 & 6: Quick Query and Templates Make Searching Easier

Spending hours looking for the right data can be frustrating. Use these tips to speed up the search process in Dynamics SL.

Tip 5: Learn the ad-hoc reporting/query tool “Quick Query.”

This addition to Dynamics SL is a game changer for getting data back out of the system. It is easy to create favorites from the base queries, and new queries can be added to the tool to show data such as user fields and even customized table data.

This tool also allows for quick navigation from the list of records shown to various related Dynamics SL data entry applications that relate to the type of record that is being viewed.

Tip 6: Use the template feature to easily filter reports.

While templates are available both for reports and data entry screens, most of the usefulness of templates lies in the area of reporting. A template for a report allows the user to save additional filter criteria (like “customer equals”) as well as modify sorting and output options. Once a template is set up to filter data for a report, that template can be used repeatedly, eliminating the need to know what field or fields to choose from the data tables that the report is using.

Please note: It is best to save the specific filter value in the “Select” tab with values that obviously need to be replaced (i.e. use ‘XXXXX’ for the customer’s ID rather than an actual/real customer ID).