Dynamics SL Top Tips 3 & 4: Getting Help and Using Keyboard Shortcuts

You don’t have to be a consultant to be an expert in using Dynamics SL. These tips can help you navigate the software much more effectively.

Tip 3: Use the built-in help system and user guides.

We have seen many times over the years that clients do not effectively leverage the information that’s readily available on the use of the product they own. Microsoft has replaced the old hard-copy user manuals with PDF-based user guides. These files are included on the installation media, but they do need to be installed and users need to know where to find the files. The “F1 help available” is especially helpful for new users.

Tip 4: Learn the many keyboard shortcuts available in Dynamics SL to speed data entry.

Each year at our client events, we share several keyboard shortcuts that are available in Dynamics SL. When we work with users who know these helpful functions it is amazing how fast they can navigate and enter data. Dynamics SL has keyboard-based shortcuts for most, if not all, of the menu options within a particular screen.

Many users already know that the function key “F3” is used to look up possible values, but few know what other function keys and shortcuts can do. The best place to find all of the possible functions is in the user guide titled “QuickReferenceGuide.pdf,” which can be found either on the installation media or in the Dynamics SL installation folder under the “User Guides” folder.