Do you ever have to output financial information with GP SmartLists and then go through the same manual efforts in Excel?

Perhaps you need to export to Excel to filter out certain groups (such as top customers) or sort data (largest dollar amount to smallest dollar amount, for example).

This is a typical headache for accountants trying to get a monthly analysis of business performance. It’s often a monthly ordeal and can take precious time out of your busy schedule.

If this sounds familiar, you should know that we can help you create SQL objects that do the heavy lifting for you. Once the objects are loaded, you can view the data with your tool of preference, such as an Excel Refreshable Report, a SQL Server Reporting Services report or even a slightly modified Dynamics GP report.

Stop wasting time exporting and massaging data you know could be exported in a consumable format for you. For a reasonable hourly rate, our skilled consultants can help you create the custom solution you need.