Q: What is the difference between the Boyer Unlimited Support Plan and the various Microsoft Service Plans?

A: The Boyer & Associates Unlimited Support Plan picks up where the Microsoft Service plans end.

Microsoft Service Plans

Clients are required to be on one of three Microsoft Service plans:

1)    Business Ready Enhancement Plan

  • 16% of the total software cost
  • No electronic or telephone support incidents included

2)    Business Ready Advantage Plan

  • 18% of total software cost
  • Six yearly electronic or telephone support incidents

3)    Business Ready Advantage Plan Plus

  • 25% of total software cost
  • Unlimited electronic or telephone support incidents

Benefits of the Microsoft Service Plans include:

  • Upgrades, Updates, Product Fixes and Service Packs- including major version releases
  • Access the CustomerSource and Knowledge Base
  • E-learning Courses
  • Learning Plans
  • Transition Investment Credits
  • Protected List Price

Unlimited Boyer Support

The optional Boyer & Associates Support Plan provides your organization with unlimited support from us, the people who installed your software and understand your needs best.
Any trained software user at your organization can contact Boyer & Associates Support as often as they like to resolve support issues.

Clients find the Boyer Support Plan valuable because it encourages users to ask questions about their software and helps them better understand the capabilities of their software. Without the Unlimited Boyer Plan, clients are often reluctant to reach out and tend to wait until a minor issue has become an emergency before acting.

Boyer Support can be reached by phone or electronically. Submitting support issues by email is often the best method:

  • Automatically creates a paper trail of the issue
  • Screen shots of your issue or error can easily be attached
  • Emails automatically go into our “Support Queue” visible to the entire Boyer Support team
  • Easier for the correct Boyer & Associates team member to be assigned the case
  • The faster an issue gets into our support queue the faster it can be resolved

More Information:

Microsoft Service Plans:

Click below for a more detailed description of the Microsoft plans.
Comparing Service Plans

Unlimited Boyer Support:
For pricing or questions regarding the Unlimited Boyer Support Plan please contact Carol Simonson.
Direct: 763-412- 4315
Email: csimonson@boyerassoc.com