Microsoft Dynamics invests heavily in constant improvements to their Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. These enhancements enable customers to get more out of their enterprise software solutions. Microsoft makes significant investments in R&D, functionality improvements, and other enhancements that enable customers to benefit from lessons learned and the technology development from other companies. That’s why if you’re running an older version of Dynamics SL, you should consider investing in an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011.

Join Boyer & Associates on September 25, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. CT for a webinar, “Top Reasons to Upgrade to Dynamics SL 2011” and  learn why upgrading to Dynamics SL 2011 might make sense for your organization. Jon Augdahl, Microsoft Dynamics SL Practice Manager at Boyer, will lead the presentation and discussion covering the following:

Review Top 10 Highlights of Dynamics SL 2011:

  • Management Reporter
  • Attachments
  • Quick Query and Grid to Excel
  • Search
  • Breadcrumbs (history of where you’ve been)
  • Upload to SharePoint
  • Multiple Company improvements
  • Journal Transaction corrections
  • Timecard Approval delegations
  • Project Transaction Transfer

What’s New in Dynamics SL 2011 FP1:

  • Hard Close Restrictions
  • Suppress batch control reports by module
  • Office 365 support
  • Business Analyzer and Quick Query report generation wizard

What you will learn?

  • New key features in Dynamics SL 2011
  • Support sunset dates for earlier versions and what this means to you
  • How other organizations are benefiting from upgrading
  • Process for upgrading including timing and scheduling

Who should attend?

  • Organizations who have not yet upgraded to Dynamics SL 2011

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