As we mentioned in our April 2014 Dynamics SL newsletter, it has been announced that the next major version of Microsoft Dynamics SL will be released in the second half of 2014.  Here are some highlights of what you can expect in Dynamics SL 2015:

System Improvements:

  1. Quick Query enhancements
    •    Export to Excel with the ability to auto-refresh from the Excel workbook
    •    Export to Excel with pivot tables
    •    Quick Query via browser through web app
  2. Sign On enhancements
    •    User will only see companies to pick from that she has access to
  3. Possible Values Lookup changes
    •    F3 lookups will have the ability to use quick queries as the basis for their lookup, with search capabilities
  4. Reporting enhancements
    •    Email capabilities directly from the print preview screen
    •    Unlimited report formats per report option
    •    Ability to set a default report format to each company
    •    Report metadata – will use common language with an alias for each column that is available on a report.  This will make sorting and filtering of reports much easier for end users.
    •    Ability to run all reports through a browser.

Project Controller Enhancements:

  1. Multi-Company in Project Controller
    •    Added company options to processing screens – FTT, Billings Transaction Load, Allocator, Post Invoices
    •    Added company selection option to project reports
    •    Ability to restrict viewing of projects by company  
  2. Multi-Currency in Project modules
    •    Ability to set the currency at the project and at the invoice level, so will be able to bill in a different currency than the project’s base currency
  3. Resource Planning
    •    Web based dashboard
    •    Basic resource planning for projects

Accounts Payable Enhancements:

  1. Vendor Name auditing – stores vendor id and vendor name on check records.
  2. 1099 Backup Withholding capability
  3. Multiple prepayments per voucher

Accounts Receivable:

  1. Ability to print preview invoices generated from the AR module


  1. Recalculate in Review/Edit Check Screen
  2. Void and Reissue checks without re-running Pay Labor Interface or reentering time.
  3. Gross Up Checks
  4. Audit Improvements (track changes to deductions, tax tables, employee deductions, employee pay information)


Be sure to check out the Boyer Blog in the next coming months as Boyer is beta testing this version, and we will be publishing our notes there from our beta testing experience.