Microsoft Dynamics GP – Improve Productivity and Increase Efficiency Across Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) is accounting/ERP software that delivers comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality for small and midsize businesses- at a price you can afford. From financial management to e-commerce, supply chain management to reporting and analysis, this integrated solution can help you connect many moving parts of your organization.  This gives you better visibility into and control over what’s going on in your business.

Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers proven core business management capabilities for:

  • Financial management
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Supply chain management
  • Human resources and payroll management
  • Manufacturing
  • Project management
  • Services management

Whether you are outgrowing entry-level accounting software, working with an outdated legacy solution, or simply tired of paying annual maintenance fees to a vendor that provides little to no value for your money—now is the time to give your people and your business the tools to work forward.

With more than 20 years of experience helping clients select, implement and service Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, here are the top reasons why our clients purchase Microsoft Dynamics GP for their business:

  • It’s More Than Just ERP – Microsoft has a complete vision for business applications, and it goes beyond what a simple stand-alone ERP solution or accounting software can do. Both the long list of available modules and number of independent software companies developing solutions for Dynamics GP is proof of this products completeness.
  • Helps Your People Work Better, Faster, and Smarter – The Role Tailored experience of Microsoft Dynamics GP surfaces the information and tasks relevant to specific job functions.
  • Gets You Up and Running in a Few Months, Not the better part of a year – Our implementation methodology, Microsoft Sure Step,  helps make the solution fast and simple to deploy. And because Dynamics GP is easy to learn and use, you can be up and running quickly with less disruption to your business.
  • Works the Way You Do – Microsoft Dynamics GP supports your core business needs with comprehensive built-in capabilities that are easy to customize.   46,000 organizations have selected Dynamics GP making it the most popular product on SQL Server.  People choose Dynamics GP because it works the way they do.
  • Deep Functionality – Strong, industry-leading functionality across financials, distribution, manufacturing, and integrated CRM to help ensure that this is a solution you will not easily outgrow.
  • Drives and Supports Your Business Growth - Microsoft Dynamics GP supports and propels your business goals and overall growth. It easily accommodates new processes and additional lines of business, and it scales to meet higher demands,
  • Provides a Flexible Deployment Model – You can choose the deployment model that makes the most sense for your business, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both.

Why choose a Microsoft Dynamics GP from Boyer & Associates?

Who better to help you leverage your existing investment in Microsoft technologies than a group of professionals that have focused only on these Microsoft ERP products for the past 19 years?   As a full-service technology provider serving businesses and organizations throughout Minnesota and the Midwest, we will work closely with you during every step of the project process—from the initial requirements analysis and software selection through post-implementation follow-up and support.

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Financial Management

The ability to make sound, timely financial management decisions is at the core of every successful business. With Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions for financial management, you can easily consolidate and quickly share financial information across your organization. The shared knowledge can then be used to make better-informed financial decisions at a moment’s notice.

PDF Analytical Accounting PDF Bank Reconciliation
PDF Cash Flow Management PDF Collections Management
PDF EFT For Payables PDF eExpense
PDF Electronic Bank Mgmt PDF EFT For Receivables
PDF Fixed Asset Mgmt PDF Electronic Bank Reconcile
PDF Intercompany PDF General Ledger with AFA
PDF Multicurrency Mgmt PDF Lockbox Processing
PDF Receivables Mgmt PDF Payables Management
PDF Safe Pay PDF Refund Checks
PDF Mgmt Reporter Overview PDF Mgmt Reporter Fact Sheet

Business Intelligence

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Too often, important information is buried in overwhelming amounts of data spread across your organization. Microsoft Dynamics GP business intelligence solutions help organize and make sense of that data, so you have the resources you need to make decisions that can help drive your business forward.

PDF Analysis Cubes PDF FRx Report Manager
PDF Microsoft Forecaster PDF Performance Indicators
PDF SmartList Builder PDF Light User

Supply Chain Management

Improving efficiency is a top priority for every company. Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions for supply chain management are specifically designed to help give you more control over your manufacturing and distribution processes. Increased visibility into customer demand and the delivery of goods can lead to making better business decisions and faster adjustments when necessary.

PDF Advanced Distribution PDF Accounts Receivable
PDF Available to Promise PDF Bill of Materials
PDF Extended Pricing PDF Field Service
PDF Inventory Control PDF Invoicing
PDF Landed Cost PDF Order Management
PDF Payables Management PDF PO Generator
PDF PO Processing & Receiving PDF Receivables Management
PDF Requisition Management PDF Returns Management
PDF Sales Order Processing

Project Management

With the right project management tools, people in your organization can transform business challenges into business success. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides innovative and familiar project management solutions that can help you improve budget analysis, minimize project costs, and better manage resources.

PDF Business Portal PDF Order Processing
PDF Project Accounting PDF Receivables Management
PDF Time and Expense for Projects PDF Grant Management

Risk Management

Protecting the integrity of your data is essential to protecting your organization’s bottom line and reputation. Microsoft Dynamics GP risk management solutions can help improve control over how you obtain, use, manage, and secure your data.

These solutions provide visibility into your organization to help ensure compliance with industry and government regulations.

PDF Account Level Security PDF Audit Trails
PDF Electronic Signatures PDF Field Level Security

Payroll and Human Resources

Once you’ve reached 50 employees, we generally know that doing your own payroll costs less.  You are doing most of the work anyway with a service-so why not save the money?  Dynamics GP has strong HR capabilities as well to maintain and attract the right people.

PDF PTO Manager PDF Payroll Extensions
PDF Advanced Payroll PDF HRP Factsheet
PDF Advanced Human Resources

Integration and Professional Services Tools

You have data from other systems that you don’t particularly relish having others re-key.  You don’t want to waste the organization’s time but you also don’t want to have to reconcile between two versions of the truth.  With Dynamics GP Integration Tools, you can import data rather than re-key while having the software check the data integrity of your data as it is imported.  There are easy tools like Integration Manager that are part of the Integration Suite and there are programming tools such as eConnect and web services.

There is also a set of professional services tools that are now free to you if you are on a current maintenance plan with Microsoft.  These tools allow you to change your chart of accounts, vendor and customer ids so that the tool changes your current data and history.  We strongly recommend that you back up your database and use one of our people if you decide to use these tools.

PDF PSTL Brochure PDF Integration Tools