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ImageTrend creates innovative software that connects life’s most important data. Catering to niche markets such as hospitals, trauma and critical care units, emergency response teams, fire departments and governmental organizations, ImageTrend finds faster and easier ways for their clients to manage key data.

The company’s written philosophy is to “listen to client needs, develop superior and flexible solutions that support future growth and offer world-class support.”
The organization took off in 1998 with just two employees working in a 320-square-foot room. Today more than 160 employees work at the company’s Lakeville headquarters. As the company continues to grow and evolve, so does its available services and products.


When the company first started, ImageTrend created its own operational software to manage and run its business and billing. The customized software worked, but upgrading was a time-consuming, cumbersome process.

“Before, we were stuck on old versions of tools, compilers and our own code with our homegrown software,” said Controller Rob Novak.

After a key developer left, the leadership at ImageTrend realized how much unneeded overhead accompanied their custom solution. While they had initially designed the solution to deal with recurring contract billing, they soon realized that enough other companies deal with the same challenges that off-the-shelf ERP software now offers solutions to those challenges.


Because the company was already a Microsoft partner, Novak and his team chose to stick with a Microsoft ERP solution. The company initially researched project-centric Dynamics SL but eventually determined that Dynamics GP would be a better fit, along with an add-on module (available through one of Boyer’s independent software vendors) to address the recurring billing.
“We can now also see much farther into the future what our recurring revenue will be,” Novak said.
The company takes advantage of many key components of Microsoft Dynamics GP, such as:

  • General Ledger
  • Payables Management
  • Receivables Management
  • Revenue and Expense Deferrals
  • Integration Manager
  • Advanced Recurring Contract Billing (add-on module from independent software vendor Binary Stream)

“Our business is growing fast,” said Novak. “What Boyer helped us do is manage the growth better with an off-the-shelf tool that did not need customization.”

The company implemented Dynamics GP in late 2015 to early 2016 and continues to find ways to increase efficiency within the software.


Aside from the easier upgrades and improved functionality provided by Dynamics GP, Novak said that the experienced support provided by the Boyer team was extremely valuable when helping his team learn and implement a new solution.
Boyer & Associates trains clients to help them become more independent in using their new Microsoft accounting software. This worked particularly well for ImageTrend. In fact, the extremely competent accounting staff at ImageTrend was able to complete the initial deployment project for $20,000 less than what Boyer had estimated in consulting fees.

“The combination of our capable people and their push to help us become self-sufficient keeps down both our disruption level and our costs—both of which make us more competitive,” said Novak. “As we are getting more and more acclimated with all that Dynamics GP can accomplish, we continually find areas where we can become more efficient with our internal processes,” he said. “More importantly, we now have a robust system that will allow us to better manage our existing ‘book of business,’ discovering areas ripe for price adjustments, up-selling and consolidation.”

He referred to the Boyer team who helped implement GP for the company as “true experts on Dynamics GP.” He said the Boyer team’s depth of understanding with recurring contracts, revenue and expense deferrals was helpful as was the elimination of multiple spreadsheets in the accounting department.
Novak said the software has been a very welcome change over ImageTrend’s previous custom solution.

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