Improve the performance of your association by getting access to the data that drives it.

Membership dues now account for less than half of association revenues. More often, member-based organizations are depending on events and other activities to generate revenue. Imagine if you could easily analyze exactly how much revenue you made from each event or activity — right down to which classes or swag items were most popular.

You can with Association Financials.

Powered by Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central, this ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution lets you look at each segment of your business and determine what’s working and what’s not.

Association Financials’ unique Dimensions capability allows users to slice and dice in multiple ways and compare against budget or by fiscal period. For example, you can segment out costs for facility rental and staff time on any given event or determine how much you made specifically through sponsors, booth rentals, swag items and more.

Take it one step further.

Perhaps you’d like to be able to analyze your association’s revenue based on membership criteria. By fetching Association Management System (AMS) revenue via a reporting tool or integrating AMS data into our financial system, you can get revenue and expense data for an event, department, location or program.

Even the best AMS products only allow you to do the analysis of the revenue behind an event or program. When you want the full picture – including expenses – we can help. Association Financials takes the guesswork out of how financially successful your event or program is.

The ability to combine and analyze membership and financial details together can help you get a much better grasp on how well your association is doing financially. Having reliable, instantaneous data at your fingertips can also help convince potential members to join our sponsors to write out that check or vendors to exhibit at your next event.

Boyer & Associates’ Association Financials:

  • Offers association-geared dashboards to help you better drive non-dues revenue measurement
  • Optimizes Dynamics 365 Business Central for association-specific operations
  • Comes with built-in Excel-based General Ledger budgeting capabilities
  • Comes with choice of Excel-based event budgeting or the capability to do event budgeting within the Association Financials application
  • Integrates with two top AMS packages — Protech and iMIS — and has tools to integrate with other AMS solutions
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