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Distributors face significant pressures resulting from global competition, shorter product life cycles, and lean economic conditions. The escalating requirements of large customers create painful challenges for those distributors still tied to conventional supply chain processes. Customers are compelling distributors to adopt value-added supply chain services, such as collaborative planning and vendor-managed inventories.

Predicting and responding to these customer demands is a consistent problem. At each step along the supply chain, outdated systems make it difficult to identify products that are moving slowly, or are out of stock. Left unresolved, these issues lead to discounts, lost orders, higher inventory costs, and lost customers. To stay competitive, distributors are adapting to evolving market demands by reducing costs and creating service-related income.

Boyer & Associates offers powerful, adaptable solutions that give distributors the tools they need to manage every aspect of their business, from order entry and procurement to sophisticated warehouse management and logistics/shipment management.

Built on trusted technology from Microsoft, our Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions can help streamline processes and drive productivity. Our ERP solutions, combined with in-depth industry expertise, can help you:

  • Achieve better control over processes
  • Improve shipping timelines
  • Efficiently manage quality control
  • Ensure compliance with industry and government regulations
  • Deliver superior customer service

We have assisted distributors throughout the U.S. to select and use technology to improve operational efficiency, drive customer service, and increase revenue.  Our team can be engaged to implement a “stand alone” project or work with you as part of your team’s overall implementation efforts.

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