Financial Services ERP

Boyer & Associates helps insurance carriers, and financial services brokers and agents more efficiently manage complex accounting transactions across continents, currencies, and companies. With more than 25 years serving financial services organizations, we help clients with the following services:

  • Multi-balance sheet reporting for when balance sheets are needed by department, location, or related company.
  • Multi-company configurations where organizations are looking to save time from tedious month-end journal entries by automating them.
  • Assist organizations to  pay and get paid electronically with vendors and clients that are willing to implement time and cost-saving technologies
  • Easily integrating with existing systems, like underwriting, policy and claims administration
  • Improving agent performance and sponsor tracking through sophisticated portals
  • Implementing automated workflows to maximize agent productivity, strengthen client relationships and streamline claims processing.
  • Integrating with your website and other online tools via web services and real time integration tools

Boyer also has a wealth of expertise implementing project accounting for financial services firms that live and die by the project  Our consultants are dedicated to finding ways to integrate and optimize your existing systems to maximize both new and legacy IT investments.

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