Not For Profit ERP

Non Profits typically need to manage, track and report on their organization’s mission
and the results of their operations.

You may need real-time financial information throughout multiple departments and
multiple projects or programs.

With today’s Microsoft- based solutions you can organize your activities by departmental roles allowing you to focus more of your time managing your resources and meeting the objectives of your constituents and less time compiling data from spreadsheets. You may want the freedom to monitor the effectiveness of your organization with the confidence that the details won’t go unnoticed. We can help you there as well.

Check out “Challenges in non profit Accounting” Video

Learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics brings custom solutions to the diverse & unique needs of the NFP industry. 

How Boyer Can Help

Many of the best known non profits in the Twin Cities use Boyer & Associates for their financial accounting technology needs. We provide personalized, local service—from planning, to implementation, to ongoing support. Our team is dedicated to helping make sure you receive the business solution best suited for your precise needs

Offering world-class ERP solutions, both Microsoft Dynamics SL and GP deliver the most comprehensive technology solutions available to your non profit organization. Built on a platform you know and probably already have investments in today, Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL provide comprehensive integrated ERP solutions that provide benefits to every employee in your organization. With the look and feel of Microsoft Office and integration with Microsoft Outlook, your organization will have the flexibility it needs to manage your mission and report your results easily across multi-funder and multiple grant contributors.

With Boyer & Associates coaching your organization, you can

  • Centralize your financial and organizational data and work with one common system.
  • Improve performance and transparency by allowing your managers access to their data in real-time.
  • Track grants, projects and inter-fund expenditures to determine whether they are on track to meet your organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Integrate your data with external systems and allow you to fine tune your reporting needs for international and multi-segment reporting.
  • Provide alerts of upcoming deadlines, activities, deliverables, and targets.

You will have access to the most popular and powerful programs-both legacy and cloud-based to deliver the features and capabilities your organization needs to select the right software, be able to collaborate better and deliver on the mission of your organization.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you accomplish your goals.

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