Microsoft Dynamics GP Pricing

What is the Cost of Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Software investments shouldn’t be taken lightly and a big part of any evaluation is to review and understand the costs. That’s why we provide as much detail as possible on pricing of Microsoft Dynamics GP. There are many variables that all factor into your total project price.

To calculate the software license cost for a Microsoft Dynamics GP system you must first decide:

Step 1: How many concurrent users do you need?

How many users will need to be on the system at the same time? Decide if each user needs full access or read-only access.

Step 2: What functionality do you need?

All Microsoft Dynamics GP users receive access to functionality in the Starter Pack. You can purchase additional functionality in the Extended Pack or Additional Packs for a one-time fee.

Step 3: Calculate software license cost.

Calculate the cost of the Starter Pack, any additional packs and the cost per user.

  • Starter Pack: $5,000 for THREE concurrent users (required)*
  • Additional Full Users: $3,000 each
  • Additional Limited Users: $600 each (read only access)


  • Extended Pack = $10,000
  • Customization Pack = $6,000
  • Extended HR and Payroll = $7,000
  • Self Serve User CAL: $60 each

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