Making Businesses Better is our mission and what makes us come to work every day. By hiring and keeping the best consultants, developers, business analysts and project managers in the area, we are able to do this for our clients.

We focus on leading clients away from customizations that can be expensive and hard to maintain as we know it is better for them to keep things simple and work the way the software is designed-most of the time.

Our core values spell out the word TEAM and stand for Trust, Effort, Attitude, and Meaningful Relationships. By hiring, firing and reviewing our staff for these core values we are able to continue to attract the type of person that can truly collaborate and make a client’s business better.


· Business Requirements
· Solution Overview
· Project Plan
· Proposal


· Requirements Gathering:
· functional,
· date Migration,
· integration.
· Gap Analysis
· Future State Processes


· Configuration:
· Custom Design Documents:
· customization,
· integrations,
· reports.
· Core Team Training


· Create:
· customization,
· integrations,
· reports,
· data migrations.
· Solution Testing
· Test Scripts


· End User Training
· User Acceptance Testing
· Data Migration
· Readiness Review
· Go-Live!


· Investment Maximizer
· Annual Client Event
· Year End Seminar
· Support
· Updates & Enhancements