Tax Updates Made Easier for Dynamics SL with Third-Party ‘AvaTax Connector’

Keeping up with tax rate changes can be difficult, leaving you to wonder if you have all the appropriate tax codes set up properly and up to date. Worry no more!

One of Boyer & Associates’ vendors recently came out with a third-party connector that works with Avalara’s online AvaTax system. Avalara offers cloud-based solutions to help companies stay compliant and current with constantly changing sales tax rates and more.

The new AvaTax Connector integrates Avalara’s AvaTax online tax service with the following modules of Dynamics SL:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Flexible Billings
  • Order Management

When the Save function is completed in these invoicing screens, the transactions are sent and update the AvaTax online system. AvaTax tax results then update the Dynamics SL Tax tables, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date tax compliance information.

To learn more about this new solution available for Dynamics SL, please contact us at 763-412-4300.