Dynamics SL Tip Makes Using the ‘In’ Function Fast and Easy

It can be difficult for Dynamics SL users to remember how to use all the different operators available in the Dynamics SL ROI screen.

ROI stands for Report Operations Interpreter and is simply the screen you see immediately prior to running any non Management Reporter report in SL. Typically, the screen is used to filter or sort reports at run time.

Here is a simple tip in version 2015 that makes doing an “In” function easy:

  1. On the “Select” tab of an ROI screen, choose your field. For our example, let’s say the field we want is “Account.”
  2. Then choose your “Operator of In.”
  3. Finally, do a PV on the “Value” fields. PV stands for Possible Values and is the same as hitting the F3 function key to display what your choices are.

This new screen pops up (see below) and allows you to select the accounts you want.

Dynamics SL tip

There you have a simple tip to get your “In” function done quickly.