“Document Attach not working in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Paperclip icon missing.”

Have you seen this error? Today I am going to show a fairly common issue within GP regarding the document attach functionality.

Some users will see, when clicking to add an OLE note to a record, that the paperclip icon is missing for the document attach. For example:

GP document attach

They should see:

document attach GP

Note the paperclip icon appearing to the left of the “Attach” button in the correct version.

The cause of this issue is that the OleNotes path in the DEX.ini file (located in the data folder where GP is installed on the workstation) is not valid or empty. Even though OLE notes are no longer used, the OLE path needs to have a valid path, which is usually a shared folder location.

On top of the OLE notes path being correct, there needs to be a company folder inside that shared OLE folder path. This company folder needs to be named the same name as the company.

For example a common install will have the OLE path at:
OLEPath=C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft DynamicsGP2015DataNotes

Usually this will be changed to a shared location instead of the C: drive. Also in the last folder in that path, the Notes folder, there should be multiple folders, one for each company:

document attach GP

This will ensure that the paperclip icon shows up for the users and they are able to use the Document Attach functionality within GP.

For more information on setting up Document Attach within GP check out this prior blog: