Jet Reports allows companies to gain visibility through the creation of reports and dashboards using Microsoft Excel – analysis all seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Through Jet Reports, companies can author and publish their own reports, sharing them within and outside of the company.

Jet Reports allows custom reports to be written using multiple tables and with advanced calculations built-in.  These reports can be distributed through automatic distribution functionality and saved to be used time and again.  Jet screen inquiries allow the user to drill down on the data back to the source within NAV to allow for quick and easy verification of data.  Jet’s drill down capability respects the security setups within NAV, so there is no danger of a user getting access to data that they don’t have security for through Jet.

The quick and easy refreshing of data through the click of a button helps keep your data real-time, rendering decision making easy with up-to-date information.

After upgrading to Jet Essentials, one client was able to easily create reports that could be refreshed by other users in the system. The advanced functionality of Essentials allowed the client to create more complex reports crossing multiple data tables, which looked like they came right from NAV.

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