Do you enjoy learning on your own and furthering your knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics SL? If so, you can watch these three training videos by Microsoft and, in 20 minutes, learn something new.

Invoice Preview: This video highlights Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015’s new Accounts Receivable invoice preview feature. See two different ways to preview an invoice in Accounts Receivable, one of which includes a new screen that combines a Quick Query with a preview screen.

Quick Query: This video highlights Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015’s enhanced Quick Query features. Discover how the Quick Query feature, grid to Excel, has been enhanced to create “connected” Excel documents that can be refreshed. This demo walks through the new Excel options, including creating pivot tables.

Reporting Enhancements: This video highlights how Microsoft Dynamics SL reporting meets companies’ specific needs. Learn about a few of the newest reporting enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015, including look up field name, value look up lists, report formats, and emailing reports.

Look for more of these coming soon. If you have any questions regarding these new features or are interested in learning more about Dynamics SL, please contact us at any time.

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